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Atelier Jara

Necklace Dune

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Length: 37.5 cm - Clasp: 925 sterling silver - Beads: white beads combined with silver dots and gemstone aventurine.


The products of Atelier Jara are made from mostly upcycled materials. She uses beads and gem stones. Also, she uses real gold (gold filled) and stering silver.

All gemstones are natural products and each one has a unique shape and color. So the gemstone you buy is similar, but not exactly the same as the image.

Shipping policy

Delivery time

Between 3-8 working days

Delivery costs

4,10 for a small mailbox parcel

Return policy

Returning the package is not possible


For all lengths of beaded necklace / bracelet applies: small margin of 1 cm deviation

Care Instructions